Erba Italia & Museum of Fine Arts Budapest

The Museum of Fine Arts in Budapest will reopen to the public after a 3 years renovation and restructuring process the 31st October 2018.

The museum originally was opened the 1st December 1906 by Kaiser Franz Joseph, the building was designed and constructed by Albert Schickedanz and Fülöp Herzog. The opening was anticipated by a 100 years collecting and assembling work of collections from aristocratic and ecclesiastical origin.

On more than 35000 m2 exhibition space masterpieces of Leonardo, Raffaello, Correggio, Tiepolo, Jacopo Tintoretto, Gentile Bellini, Giorgione, Giovanni Battista Tie­polo, Veronese, Ambrogio Lorenzetti, Sassetta, Sano di Pietro, Michele Pannonio, Sebastiano del Piombo, Tiziano, hunderds of dutch and flamand paintings from Jacob van Ruisdale, Jan Steen, Rembrandt, Anthony van Dyck, Spanish masterpieces of Ribera, Murillo, Goya, El Greco could be seen to the public. Further of paintings there is an Egyptian, a remarkable statue collection and a collection of modern art too in the museum.


420 m2 Marble hall located right after the main entrance of the museum.MNThe function of the space is a reception and recreation area when visitors enter or exit the exhibition halls of the Museum. Further the hall is one of the main event halls of the museum, means music concerts, Museum + programs, art-related events, balls, fashion events. The neoclassical space reflects splendour and style.

The marble dominating in the entire space from the pavement to the walls, the stone reflects eternity, opulence with a touch of aristocratic coldness.


Erba is devoted to art with the highest respect.

The supporting partnership with Museum of Fine Arts started with the aim to testimony the symbiosis between art and contemporary design, the past with present, make a bridge between the fantastic heritage we have and the modern life-style.

Erba’s interior concept is based on giving a new accent to the more than 100 years old interior by mix and match with contemporary design furniture, of clean and characteristic shapes, but with details recalling earlier art eras.

Erba museum lounge zone is divided in 3 sections of different compositions of furniture. In addition to being functional by offering a lot of seats, the interior should reflect of being a “welcoming space” with style and “cozyness” to bring closer the art and the museum to the visitors, giving them the feeling of hospitality.

The selected sofas and armchairs are either modern-classical shapes: the throne like RED BARON armchair, or high designed contemporary style with a touch of classicism in details or fabrics, like SOLE LUNA or the Belladonna sofa. The ICONA armchair is a modern piece offering perfect design and comfort at the same time. VIRGOLA is a unique shaped armchair, highlighting any interior you place it. It is art deco, contemporary or futuristic at the same time.

To bring to perfection the interior from the functional side we added easily removable small chairs poufs, adding a nice colourful accent as well. Further to this, there are exclusively for the museum designed elements like curved and upholstered wood benches.

The upholstery selection is made with the aim to melt the cold surface of the marble by soft and warm textiles and bright colours, with resistant and fire proofed fabrics.

As the Marble hall is one on the main events hall, the pieces selected are easily movable, or reassemble for concerts or other events.